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There are two new ways to support The Friendship Clinic while you shop: Fred Meyer Rewards and AmazonSmile.

Fred Meyer Rewards

Are you a FRED MEYER REWARDS CARD participant? If you are THIS ONE SMALL STEP can make a HUGE Difference in support for the Friendship Clinic!

Beginning February 3, 2014, the  Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program will donate $2.5 million dollars to be distributed among linked non-profit organizations in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington. For a full description of the program please visit the link below and click "Link Your Rewards Card Now":

Support The Friendship Clinic while you Shop with Fred Meyer Rewards

To link your card, please follow the directions on the Community Rewards page and look for us under The Friendship Clinic, or organization number 94580. Please link your card NOW! Thank you for your support!!


We are inviting our supporters to support The Friendship Clinic by shopping at AmazonSmile. This link will  direct you in support of The Friendship Clinic organization.

Thank you for supporting The Friendship Clinic!